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Hawaiian Electric makes push toward renewable energy

The Hawaiian Electric Companies announced today its plans to put out requests for proposals for its largest and most ambitious push for renewable energy ever.

Could renewable energy pioneer Germany run out of power?

With recent shifts away from nuclear energy, Germany is predicted to fall short of peak electricity it needs by companies and analysts.

HECO outlines plan to kickstart renewable energy push

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaiian Electric Company said they're preparing to kickstart the largest-ever renewable energy push in the state as ...

Proposed RPS for New Orleans, Charlottesville renewable energy alliance formed: pvMB 7/17/19

Hello, hello and welcome back to the pvMB, halfway through a busy workweek. Today we'll be looking at AEE's EV fact sheet, Grasshoper Solar joining SEIA, ...

Council, environmental coalition announce plans to increase city's renewable energy portfolio

City Councilwoman and utility committee chair Helena Moreno announced plans on Tuesday for three solar generation projects that, according to a press ...

Rural Electricity Provider Announces Early Coal Plant Closure, Focus on Renewables

Nucla's coal generating station will close next year, two years early.

Renewable Energy Provides Growing Source Of Skilled Jobs For Africa And Asia

Data released today on World Youth Skills Day shows that delivering rural electrification using distributed renewable energy can put a serious dent in ...

BR's Energy in Focus | Adrian Dumitriu (Nuclearelectrica): Renewable energy sources will play a very important role in the future, but Romania's energy mix cannot exclude nuclear energy

After years of robust growth for Romania's energy sector, businesses in the industry are facing major challenges in 2019, mainly because of the.

While the government is in denial, the states are making staggering progress on renewable energy

State governments seem frustrated with the Coalition – but we are closer to 100% renewables than you think.

Hawaiian Electric pursues phase two of renewable energy initiative

The Hawaiian Electric companies estimate that approximately 900 megawatt of new renewables are being evaluated, which would potentially generate about 2 ...

Renewable Energy Group Opens First Fueling Station

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REGI) the nation's leading advanced biofuel producer, today celebrated the grand opening of the company's first diesel fueling ...

Troublesome black plastic could be recycled to create renewable energy

Black plastic could finally be recycled as a way to create new materials useful in the generation of renewable energy.

Stanford Study Examines Hydrogen As A Commercially Viable Storage Medium For Renewable Energy

July 17th, 2019 by Steve Hanley. Stanford University has published a report outlining how excess renewable energy could be used to make hydrogen, which ...

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