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US Senator Harry Reid said: “Less than a decade ago, Nevada's solar energy landscape was nonexistent, but this commissioning helps fulfill the vision I had to make our state the leader in renewable energy development.” The solar projects are located on


Google still relies on non-renewable energy to power its operations, but it has offset its non-renewable energy usage by buying the equivalent amount of renewable energy certificates (RECs), which are issued to wind farms or solar plants for each unit

Sunverge Deploys Fleet of Energy Storage Systems in Japan

San Francisco–based Sunverge Energy enables homeowners to efficiently manage their own renewable energy generation and helps utilities, retailers and solar power providers aggregate those renewable power sources into virtual power plants across

Seeking balance, Chittenden's energy plan moves ahead

Commissioner David Moakley explained that since the controversies around the state about local control regarding renewable energy siting resulted in Act 174 (the Energy Development Improvement Act of 2016), the Public Utility Commission (formerly the


Australia is not so obviously potentially a globally competitive supplier of capital goods for low emissions energy - but had much richer natural resources for renewable energy. The latter presented an opportunity to develop a role as the competitive

Xcel's big bet on renewable energy

So Xcel Energy's plan to increase its reliance on renewable energy sources is more of a gamble than it appeared at first blush. At the same time Xcel is making a push to use more renewable energy, the utility company is also in talks with EVRAZ about

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These grids will be supported by an expansion of the renewable energy sources which the governor claims will make up 20 to 25 percent of the island's energy source within five years. In the most positive step forward, Governor Rosello told the House


Climate change is affecting wind energy's potential to provide power, diminishing a renewable energy source that scientists and policymakers are counting on to replace fossil fuels, according to two scientific studies. The world is turning more and

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Rapid renewable energy expansion will not just provide diversity to the energy mix for Southeast Asian nations, but is also a vital strategy for coping with climate change. Recent increases in the intensity of droughts and floods are a reminder of the


He told the Press that BPA had positioned itself as the leading Renewable Energy leaders powering green energy for the country. “BPA, this year, expanded focus to Renewable Energy. This was in line with the Ministry of Energy's vision of increasing the

Bui Power Authority positions as renewable energy leader

The Bui Power Authority (BPA) on Monday said it has appropriately positioned itself as the renewable energy leader to power green energy for the country. Mr Fred Oware, BPA Chief Executive Officer, said BPA had expanded its focus to renewable energy

Sunseap, China's Jiangsu Linyang to develop renewable energy solutions

SUSTAINABLE energy provider Sunseap Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with China-based Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co to develop renewable energy and energy efficiency management solutions. The two companies plan to explore collaborations

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