Frequently Asked Questions and The Answers

We compiled below the popular questions, however please do CONTACT US anytime with any additional questions or if you require further clarification.


The management and employees of recognize the importance of a vanity toll-free number for every company; especially companies involved with Renewable Energy, solar energy and other clean technologies. As you are well aware, there are many companies involved into the development and installation of clean technologies. If you wish to stand our from your competition and really beat your competition, then you should definitely order service for one of our vanity 800 numbers before your competition orders service for our vanity toll-free numbers.

So how will vanity toll-free numbers help MY business?

  1. You will notice an immediate increase in your sales.
  2. Best advertising and marketing tool.
  3. Super ez recall for repeat business.
  4. No need to remember company name and address to refer friends and colleagues
  5. Your potential customers will respect your company.
  6. Vanity toll-free numbers are permanent numbers…if you change locations; we simply reprogram the vanity number to ring to your new location.

How do I find an available vanity number from

  1. CLICK HERE to view our online selection of ‘renewable energy’ related vanity toll-free numbers
  2. CONTACT US to assist you with a custom search

OK. So how does the service work?

Really, really simple. No long-term contracts. No installations. We program the vanity number to ring to the phone number that YOU designate. No need for any phone installations. No need to contact your phone company. We program the vanity number to ring to the office phone, cell phone, answering service, or directly to your sales team. We allow you to cancel service whenever you wish by sending an e-mail with 30 days notice. It takes 1 minute to signup online for service. After you signup online, the toll-free number will be working in 5 business days. If you need the number working sometime like ‘yesterday”, then you can order RUSH setup service within 2 business days and we will waive all RUSH setup charges.

I would love to use a vanity number… how do I proceed?

You can CONTACT US anytime with any preliminary ideas and keywords that you may have for a vanity toll-free number and our renewable energy marketing team will work with you to develop some great vanity 800 numbers for your company.

Looking to market your Renewable Energy Product or Service?

for vanity 800 numbers and great toll-free service.