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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The end of hard coal mining in Germany comes just as Germany is working to slash its CO2 emissions by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources like wind and solar. The country calls it the Energiewende, or “energy transition.” But wind and

Authors of Times article ignored the complementarity of wind energy and hydropower

I write in response to an article carried in the Guyana Times on Monday, December 4, 2017, titled, 'US$50M Windfarm – PPP demands answers on controversial project'. The article is blatantly duplicitous and misrepresents the facts of the transaction


Climate change is affecting wind energy's potential to provide power, diminishing a renewable energy source that scientists and policymakers are counting on to replace fossil fuels, according to two scientific studies. The world is turning more and

New Atlas

According to new climate modeling data, the Northern hemisphere's wind farms could see a dramatic downturn in productivity over the next hundred years, as climate change disrupts some of the key drivers that shape the world's wind patterns. The news is

Climate change to cause increase in Australian wind production

A new study from the University of Colorado in the United States predicts climate change in the southern hemisphere will generate more wind energy. It's a boost for the Australian wind farm industry, especially in Queensland where the effects are

ABC Online

Warming temperatures caused by climate change are set to weaken wind energy in the northern hemisphere, a study shows, while a boost in wind in the southern hemisphere could turn north-east Australia into an attractive investment for wind farm energy

VietNamNet Bridge

Clive Turton, president of Vestas Asia-Pacific, said, "Vietnam is the ASEAN's second fastest growing economy and it is commendable that given all this growth, the country is looking into wind energy. Vestas is very excited for the partnership with

LONDON: Wind power capacity could decrease in the northern hemisphere this century and rise in the southern hemisphere due to the effects of global warming, research by U.S. scientists showed. In a study published in the journal Nature Geoscience


Technicians arranging solar cells to form solar panel on factory production line, South Africa. Credit: Juice Images/Alamy Stock Photo. Building solar, wind or nuclear plants creates an insignificant carbon footprint compared with savings from avoiding

Tenkan Sen Bearish Chart Revealed For Americas Wind Energy (AWNE)

Americas Wind Energy (AWNE) touched 0.0021 on a recent bid indicating that the Tenkan line is still hovering below the Kijun Sen. This represents bearish momentum for the shares. Whether or not the shares are ready to break further to the downside is

Putting the Technicals Into Perspective For Naikun Wind Energy Group Inc (NKW.V)

Shares of Naikun Wind Energy Group Inc (NKW.V) are on watch as the Tenkan Line has moved below the Kijun line, indicating negative momentum for the equity. Naikun Wind Energy Group Inc moved -0.010 in the most recent session and touched 0.085 on a

Vancouver Sun

In a statement, the David Suzuki Foundation said the decision to proceed is a wasted opportunity to expand the wind-energy industry in the Peace region. “The Site C dam is not the best climate change solution and will produce more carbon pollution than

Daily Mail

The team then used a 'power curve' from the wind energy industry to convert predictions of global winds, density and temperature into an estimate of wind energy production potential. While not all of the climate models agreed on what the future will

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