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Wind Energy News

Three EU countries bump up renewable energy goal for 2030

France, Greece and Bulgaria have pledged to update their national targets for renewable energy and bump up the share of wind, solar and other renewables to ...

Honda & Nike Secure New Renewable Energy Supplies

September 24th, 2019 by Steve Hanley. If renewable energy is as bad as the fossil fuel industry claims, why are so many major corporations signing up for ...

Nike opens new distribution center running on 100% renewable energy

First published on. Dive Brief: Nike announced the opening of a new distribution center that will run on entirely renewable energy and recycle 95% of the waste ...

Greece and Hungary set renewable energy timetables

Coal-fired electricity is to be phased out in Greece and Hungary as the countries' leaders pave the way for a transition to renewable energy.

Targeting Africa and the Caribbean, KWHCoin Lets Neighbors Sell Renewable Energy to the Whole Community

North Carolina startup KWHCoin provides end-to-end renewable energy services to rural communities in Africa and the Caribbean through tokens and ...

Sustainable brewing part 2: Applying renewable energy strategies in the brewery

Like many industries, the brewing industry is guilty of gulping down energy and natural resources — an environmental issue that is leading major breweries to ...

New Oregon Law Allows Using Waste as Renewable Energy

The law allows utilities to now capture and treat methane from wastewater and use it as an energy source despite it being a higher-cost resource.

Fact check: Renewable energy - Fact Check

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull says renewables plus storage is cheaper than coal or nuclear for new power generation.

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