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Removal of 262-foot tower delayed by weather

By Dan Cherry A tower built to monitor weather for a potential wind energy project in Fairfield Township and court-ordered to be taken down will be removed as soon as ground conditions improve. Fairfield Township Supervisor Curt Emmons said the ground

Michigan Business Review -

Gamesa USA, a subsidiary of a Spanish-based company and a leader international in the wind-energy industry, is working on a separate partnership agreement with Scandia Wind for creation of the private development team. Talks toward the private

Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2012: 10% more than other top-10 lists

Also, notes on New Flyer Industries and Finavera Wind Energy. Maybe it was because Seeking Alpha did not carry my annual list of 10 Clean Energy Stocks for 2012 this year, but no one seems to have noticed that there were actually 11 stocks in the list.

Europe sees surge in clean power

In a sign of how green subsidies are reshaping Europe's energy landscape, the amount of clean power installed in 2011 rose to 32 gigawatts, according to a European Wind Energy Association report, largely thanks to a surge in solar installations in

Wind farms to wipe out California Condor

“The service requests that the county of Kern exercise extreme caution in developing wind energy within the Tehachapi area because it falls within the range of the California condor,” has warned senior biologist Raymond Bransfield (2).

Holmes: Choosing sides on energy

Tax breaks for fossil fuel have been in place all the way back to 1918, but a tax credit for wind energy expires at the end of this year, and Republicans are vowing to let it go away. The wind energy industry has already laid off 10000 workers as

BBC News

Mr Cairns said: "My scepticism about wind energy has been on the record for a long time. "I think it's inefficient, I think it's expensive. "I think it drives up people's energy bills and that's the core issue that needs to be focussed on." Wind farm.

Going with the wind

A perfect storm seems to be brewing to make it something more, to make wind energy important as an economic development force. The American Wind Energy Association released fourth quarter 2011 results recently that showed Illinois moving from fifth to


by Lauren Craig, February 5th, 2012 Wind energy continues to power ahead in the US Recent numbers from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) show that the fourth quarter of 2011 saw wind power expanding into new states like Ohio and Nevada,

Buninyong hosts wind farm forum

But not everyone saw the wind energy sector as the enemy. Former Ballarat Greens candidate Linda Zibell urged the audience to vent their anger at the coal industry. And Friends of the Earth's Ben Courtis said 20 per cent of energy in South Australia

ENERGIZED: City gets 'proactive' as it lays out regs for solar, wind generatio

Small-scale wind systems are defined as, according to city documents, a wind energy conversion system consisting of a wind turbine, tower and associated control or conversion electronics, which has a rated capacity of less than or equal to 10 kilowatts

The Times of Trenton -

wind currently generates more power than solar installations, but Crane said that solar energy has the potential to exceed the 43461 MW of wind power now operating in the country, a figure reported by the American Wind Energy Association.

D-300 consortium irons out 8-year energy purchase

In December, the consortium agreed on an eight-year contract with Constellation Energy to buy both traditional and renewable wind energy. The consortium creates an economy of scale for the three districts so that each can better manage the long-term

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